Human Health Aid Burundi


HHA is engaged to make a social change by promoting an innovative and inclusive education. HHA priorities the Education including in emergencies situation. HHA believe in every child’s right to a quality, safe, inclusive and transformational education that empower children for life. HHA seeks to transform the lives of all children include vulnerable and marginalized children and young people through education. An undertaking of this scale and impact requires a well-oiled machine of resources and human capital that work together to address barriers for quality education and sustainable development across the world’s most challenging geographies. It also requires focused and targeted problem-solving that is adapted to the local context and needs of the communities we serve.-

Our work enables families, communities and schools to provide nurturing care with playful and effective pedagogy. We work and partner to equip young people with the education and life skills they need to lead global sustainable development. HHA wants all children to be educated for life, in a safe and nurturing environment, in order to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We measure our success by the positive improvements in children’s learning outcomes in cognitive, social and emotional, life and livelihood skills.  We work with local partners to drive the social behaviour change required to address obstacles to children’s developmental and learning journey.  

HHA works hard to reach the most vulnerable children such as those in extreme poverty, with disabilities, out-of-school children (OOSC), and affected by crises. HHA’s approach fits and adapts continuously to diverse and rapidly changing contexts across the development, humanitarian as nexus.  Our unique, community-led, whole child model, refined and expanded over our 70-year history, helps establish sustainable child wellbeing solutions. HHA priorities innovation to improve the access to and quality of learning opportunities for all children from birth, through childhood and adolescence. This goal is known as Sustainable Development Goal 4